DuPont Offers Extensive Color Selection and Development

DuPont has the color selection and color development to meet your needs, no matter whether they are OEM- or fleet-related, and no matter how stringent, varied or unusual.

  • An extensive selection of colors - thousands to choose from - that have been developed to exacting standards.

  • Color availability extends across a wide range of product systems to meet the full range of needs for durability, ease of application, color match, cost, and VOC/regulatory compliance.

  • Our selection of Imron® systems - the systems of choice for leading OEMs - make it easy to repair "in-kind" for optimum results.

  • Sophisticated color development capabilities provide unsurpassed versatility in creating custom colors and striping combinations - even "one of a kind" formulations.

Put the extensive resources of DuPont to work for you. At DuPont, color is our business.

It's Your Image -- Trust Only the Best for Your Fleet

Your fleet is a direct reflection on your company. You want your vehicles' finish to consistently shine -- and you want that luster to last. DuPont's Imron® is the choice for great performance, durability and a dazzling appearance that stands the test of time.

Need assistance in choosing the best colors to represent your business or municipality? DuPont offers the following selectors which you can request from your local jobber using the reference numbers listed.

  • Imron® Elite Color Selector, Part # M-4607

This ALL NEW color selector features brilliant, high gloss colors only achievable with Imron® Elite. This eight page color selector is divided into two sections: one for Imron® Elite Single Stage, the other for Imron® Elite Base Clear. If you don't find your color here, your local DuPont jobber can reference our vast formula database to meet your specfic needs.

Note: Always check color before using, as color chips cannot be considered a totally accurate representation of the actual paint color.

DuPont also provides color selections for original finishing and repairing of the following manufacturers' fleets. Contact the manufacturer dealership to obtain a copy of their color card.

  • Bering
  • Freightliner
  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Peterbilt
  • Sterling
  • WesternStar
  • Volvo

Nothing Outperforms, Outlasts or Outshines DuPont Finishes!

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