Cromax, formerly DuPont Refinish - Technical Brand Manual

Please be advised that we are in a period of transition from DuPont Refinish
to Cromax for our portfolio name.

As such, you may find a mixture of documents. We are working to have all
documents transitioned to Cromax over the coming months.

All documents are technically correct with either portfolio name in the header
as there are no changes to the products with this portfolio name change.

Charts & Systems

Cromax® Pro System Chart

Cromax® Mosaic® System Chart

Warranted Systems & Recommended Procedures - Specialty Procedures

Colour Adjustment Guide Acquire Plus EFX™ Process
Colour Adjustment Guide Acquire Rx™ Process
Colour Adjustment Guide Hit on a Hit Process
Colour Adjustment Guide Fan Deck Process
Car & Truck Identification Plate Locations (3/2007)
DuPont™ ValueShade® System
Cromax™ Infrared Drying Recommendations

DuPont ChromaSystem™ Product & Application Info - Plastics Repair

Surface Preparation for Plastics
DuPont™ Plas-Stick® 2310S™ Plastic Cleaning Paste (12/2006)
DuPont™ Plas-Stick® A-2320S™ Plastics Cleaner (1/2007)
DuPont™ Plas-Stick® 2322S™ Adhesion Promoter for Plastics (1/2007)
DuPont™ Plas-Stick® 2330S™ & A-2330S™ Plastics Adhesion Promoter (1/2007)

DuPont ChromaSystem™ Product & Application Info - Aerosols

DuPont™ Aerosol Repair Process (revised 3/2007)
Aerosol Overview (2/2007)
DuPont™ A-3130S™ UVA Primer-Surfacer (3/2007)
DuPont™ A-3130S™ UVA Primer-Surfacer - Curing Time Overview (2/2007)
DuPont™ A-3970S™ & A-3990S™ Surface Klean(2/2007)
DuPont™ A-4114S™ (Gray) and A-4115S™ (Green) Self-Etching Primer (2/2007)
DuPont™ A-4220S™ / A-4240S™ / A-4260S™ QuickPrime™ (2/2007)
DuPont™ A-5099S™ Satin Black (2/2007)
DuPont™ A-7480S™ Acrylic Trim and Jamb Clear (2/2007)
DuPont ChromaSystem™ Product & Application Info - Surface Preparation

Substrate Surface Preparation for Bare Metal
DuPont™ Sanding Paste 2311S™
DuPont™ Prep-Sol® 3919S™ Cleaning Solvent
DuPont™ Sontara® PS-3909S™ Low VOC Wipes
DuPont™ Sontara® PS-39X5S™ Static Control Wipes
PS-3970S™ / PS-3990S™ Sontara® Solvent Pre-Saturated Cleaner Wipes
DuPont™ V-3921S™ Low VOC Final Klean
WASH ‘N WIPE™ Cleaning Solvent 4105S

DuPont ChromaSystem™ Product & Application Info - Undercoats

22880S™ ChromaPremier®
LE 3004S™ 2K Primer Surfacer
LE 3010S™ / LE3040™ / LE3070™ ChromaSeal™
LE 3130™ UV Primer-Surfacer
LE 3401S™/LE 3404S™/ LE 3407S™ PremierFiller™
LE3410S™ / LE3440S™ / LE3470S™ PremierSealer™
V-2910S™, V-2940S™, V-2970S™ DTM Epoxy Primer-Sealer
Premium Glaze 315™

DuPont ChromaSystem™ Product & Application Info - Basecoats

DuPont™ Cromax® Pro Waterborne Basecoat
Cromax® Mosaic™ Basecoat
DuPont™ ChromaSystem™ Midcoat
DuPont™ Cromax® Pro WB1735
DuPont™ Cromax® Pro WB9908 Super Jet Black

DuPont ChromaSystem™ Product & Application Info - Clearcoats

2362S™ Plas-Stick®
2363S™ Low VOC Matting Additive
LE5100S™ ChromaClear®
LE 5400S™ ChromaClear®
LE 5600S™ ChromaClear® Non-Stop Clearcoat
LE 8300S™ PremierClear®
LE 8700S™ PremierClear®
790™ Quick N’ Easy Clear Blender

Appendix - Glossary


Appendix - Troubleshooting


Appendix - Equipment Information

Spray Gun Information

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