Spies Hecker - Technical Manual

Permanent® Silicone Remover 7010
Permahyd® Silicone Remover 7096
Permahyd® Silicone Remover 7087 (aerosol)

Raderal Spray Polyester 3508
Permacron® Fine Putty 7715

Priomat® Primer Red-Brown 3255 (aerosol)
Permahyd® Primer Surfacer 4100
Priomat® 5.5 Wash Primer 4055 Grey
Priomat® 1K Primer Surfacer 4085
Permasolid® 2.1 VHS Surfacer 5150
Permacron® 2.1 Surfacer 5155
Permasolid® 2.1 Surfacer 5157
Permahyd® Stone Chip Protector 7100

Top Coats
Permahyd® Base Coat Series 280
Permahyd® Pearl Base Coat Series 285
Permahyd® Hi-TEC Base Coat Series 480
Permahyd® Hi-TEC Base Coat 480 : Blending
Permahyd® Hi-TEC Base Coat Ultra Fine Silver Repair Process
Permahyd® Hi-TEC WT1500 Ultra Deep Black

Permasolid® Spectro Sealer 5450

Clear Coat
Permasolid® Matte Clear Coat Additive 8092
Permasolid® Air Dry Clear Coat 8094
Permasolid® Low VOC Clear Coat 8096
2K Tinted Midcoat Repair Process
Permacron® 2.1 Clear Coat 8097
Permasolid® Low VOC Clear Coat 8098
2K Tinted Clear Coat Repair Process

Permacron® Elastic Primer Surfacer 3300 Gray and Black
Priomat® Elastic Primer 3304 Transparent
Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081
Permasolid® Elastic Additive 9050

Permasolid® Low VOC Hardeners - 3192 Fast, 3194 Medium, 3196 Slow
Permacron® Hardener - 3193 Fast, 3195 Medium, 3197 Slow, 3199 Extra Slow
Raderal Hardener 9520 (for 3508)

Permacron® Reducers
Permahyd® Special Water 6002 Slow

Permacron® Matte Clear Coat Additive 8091
Permahyd® Blend In Additive 9005
Permahyd® Additive 9007
Permasolid® Scratch and Mar Clear Coat Additive

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