Standox® Technical Manual

Charts & Systems
Mixing Sticks and Conversion Tables
Substrate Guide
Sontara® Wipe Chart
System 1 - Substrate Pretreatment
System S2 - High Quality 2K Refinishing System
System S3 - Wet-on-Wet Painting System
System S4 - Isolating Painting System
System S5 - Restoration of old Vehicles
System S6 - Blending-in with Basecoat
System S6.1 - Blending-in with Basecoat (3-Stage)
System S7 - Blending-in with Standohyd® Basecoat
System S7.1 - Blending-in with 3-Stage Standohyd® Basecoat
System S8 - Blending-in with 2K Topcoat
System S8.1 - Blending-in and Polishing of Standocryl® 2K Clears
System S9 - Infrared Drying
Color References
Toner Characteristics
Formula Retrieval Guide
Univers® Shortcut Keys
Black Orientation Chart
Basecoat Mixing Machine Configuration
Standohyd® Mixing Machine Configuration - Fillon Pichon
Standohyd® Mixing Machine Configuration - FAS
Mixing Machine Magnets Legend
TDS 101 - Standox® Silicone Remover Antistatic
TDS 105 - Standohyd® VOC Cleaner 25
TDS106 - Standoflex® Low VOC Plastic Cleaner
TDS 9108 - Standox® Silicone Cleaner (Aerosol)

Primers and Sealers
TDS 231 - Standox® PE Spray Filler
TDS 313 - Standox® Low VOC Etching Adhesion Primer
TDS 413 - Standox® 1K Primer Filler
TDS 430 - Standox® 1K Adhesion Primer Red Brown
TDS 831.1 - Standohyd® 1K Primer Surfacer Gray
TDS 931 - Standox® 2K EP Primer (Aerosol)
TDS 9545 - Standox® PF Filler
TDS 9546 - Standox® PF Sealer

TDS 850 - Standoblue® Basecoat
TDS 850.1 - Standoblue® Base Coat Colors With Use of Mix 130 Silk Silver
TDS 850.2 - Standoblue® 18180 Midnight Black Basecoat
TDS 9911 - Standocryl® Specialty Midcoats

TDS 9502 - Standocryl® Clear PFC Air Dry
TDS 9572 - Standox® 2K Matting Agent MIX 607
TDS 9577 - Standocryl® Clear PFC 20
TDS 9578 - Standocryl® Clear PFC 30
TDS 9595 - Standox® 2K Matting Agent Mix 608

Plastic Refinishing
TDS 103 - Standoflex® Thinner 11100
TDS 720 - Standoflex® 1K Plastic Primer
TDS 750 - Standoflex® 2K Plastic Primer Surfacer
Plastic Painting Flow Chart - Unprimed Plastic Parts
Painting Primed Replacement Bumpers
Repairing Plastic Parts - 1K Priming System
List of Types of Plastics
TDS 420 - Standox® 1K Body Fine
TDS 592 - Standox® 2K Plasticiser
TDS 1206 - Standox® Smart Blend Plus
TDS 9850 - Standohyd® Sanding Paste

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